Why GIBS ?
The quality of the people determines the success of your business. Without the right people in the right places your business is doomed to not grow. We know, it's a bold statement but it's true. We are one of the renowned web designers in Nagpur and aggressive about becoming the best web designers in INDIA.
As the success of the organization depends upon the management team and people working in the organization, so it is important that the team should be experienced. Our team is of 40+ intellectual, experienced and dedicated professionals at our Development Centre in Nagpur, which is always striving to achieve and maintain the best standards by keeping the “User Need” as the first priority. Our HR and Technical team has the necessary experience to enhance manpower skill and not only that, the internal HR Policies makes the maximum use of the talents of the team members.
Our process gives the customer a 100% satisfaction as our software development process includes:

• Overview of project
• Software development activities
+ Planning
+ Implementation, testing and documentation
+ Deployment and maintenance
• Software Development Models
+ Waterfall Model
+ Spiral Model
+ Iterative and Incremental Development
+ Agile Development
• Process Improvement Models
After process our main objective is “Customer Satisfaction”. The goal of customer satisfaction is to move customers from satisfied to loyal and then from loyal to advocate .This is the reasons GIBS gives the best service in central India.
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