School Management System

This software will help you systematize the running of schools and make it far more efficient in the process. We have made in depth duties into the various systems opted by schools and institutions and have developed this software to ease the stress behind its working. Our product is very cost effective and very easy to use.

World class solution for school management
Complete decision support system
Extremely user friendly
Integrated structure – avoiding data redundancy
Modular approach makes easy to add modules later
It is flexible and customizable to suit individual school needs
Single Database Server System - Easy to maintain and administer
Key Features
Comprehensive student records management – From the time of registration till the time of student leaving the school
Highest security at User Level, Module Level & Form Level
Academic Performance Evaluation for Students Throughout Sessions
Report designing tool which can generate reports as per user requirements
Exporting of various reports to MSExcel for mailing, sharing and processing
Complete Financial Accounting/Inventory Management and Timetable Scheduler
User-defined Progress Report Card, Transfer Certificate, Bonafide Certificate, Provisional Certificates etc.
Administrator can give the authentication to manager in manager list.
Admin can add master fee details of class wise in particular session.
Manage fee details of student.
View expenses details of school.
Facility to view details of student registration.
Update student details.
View fees details.
Facility to view details of student registration.
Facility to add new teacher details and update details .
Facility to add admission details of student.
Add section of particular class.
Facility to add fees details.
Manager can add expenses details.
View report of student details.
View pay fee details.
Facility to view pending fee details.
View total fee of particular class..
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