Database Driven Website
One of the most common types of dynamic web pages are the database driven type. Our development team creates dynamic, scalable, online solutions that give you unlimited room to grow. Global Infobase Solutions deliver from simple informational sites to online Commerce and complex database driven websites.
Our software company is specialized in Software Development services, Professional Website Design and Web development services. We have skilled professionals in the field of Web Design, Website Development, and Software Development.
Over the years we have developed an enviable reputation as one of the best web development company offering web programming services for complex database driven websites, be it Ruby on rails programming, PHP programming.
Why Database Driven services:
The Database driven sites are needed if you want to change your web site information very often, just like banking sites, shopping sites, content management sites, social networking sites, entertainment sites, informational sites, Blogs and Forums, Products application etc.
Our database team builds database using several competing technologies, each with its own advantages.
Some of those technologies/tools include:
1. PHP Development
2. JSP Development
3. PERL Development
4. Ruby on rails Development
5. Flex Development
6. Cake PHP Development
7. Object Oriented Programming Development
Relational database:
It is a database that group data using common attributes found in the data set. All of the most common databases available today are all relational databases such as  MySql , MS-SQL, Oracle etc. Prior to these databases the simplest form of a database was the Flat File System.
Flat File Database:
It’s a custom way of storing the information in a simple text file. Our development team with six years of experience in the software industry understands the necessity of the client and gives 100% quality from creating the database and till delivery of the project.
Common Gateway Interface: We used this technology as this was the first method to develop and create dynamic web pages. Our development team at Nagpur initially used PERL programming language and started using more advanced technologies like PHP, JSP, Flex, Ruby On rails, Android, Cake PHP.
Following are the samples our developers from Nagpur have worked on:
Our team has developed various directory websites that are dynamic and database driven with MySQL or MSSQL as a backend relational database.
Content management Websites:
Built numerous websites for clients allowing them to manage the content of their websites by themselves. Some websites that have constantly changing information such as News websites, Ecommerce websites utilize such content management systems that are database driven.
Social networking:
Design your own profile, upload and download music/videos, make friends and chat with them, place Ads. Our development team at Nagpur has built various Social Networking websites that are extremely interactive and use some of the latest technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Flex and Cake PHP with MySQL as the backend database.
Post a comment and reply to other comments. Customize your own blog/forum for your website. Global infobase Solutions Database development team have developed and deployed several Blogs and Forums for clients across the India.
Ecommerce Solutions:
Provided and Built several Ecommerce / Shopping cart solutions for customers to extend their business over the internet. Our development team has developed ecommerce solutions for the Whole Sale and Retail industry.
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