Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
It Is the science & art of getting your website ranked in the first few pages of a search engines for a strategically defined set of keywords. Our SEO savvy skills will result in a substantial increase in targeted traffic to your website, thus resulting in more leads and sales.
Why Search Engine Optimization:
Over 500 million searches happen across the major search engines everyday. Our knowledge and experience in this area will help you get a piece of the pie, which you might be losing otherwise to your competition. An optimized website results in a much better return on investment compared to banner ads.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you capture targeted traffic...people who are already looking for the product or service you offer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a truly sustainable long term solution to your traffic woes. Once a website has been optimized for search engines it can stay at the top for long periods of time. A well optimized website plays a pivotal role in any search engine marketing (SEM) strategy.
SEO –GIBS Approach:
Step 1:
• Understanding Your Business we spend considerable time and effort in
• Understanding the product/market category
• Understanding the customer groups
• Understanding the customer decision making process
• Understanding the website structure, navigation & content requirements
• Analyzing the current status of the website on search engines
Step 2:
• Competitive Analysis based on the above information, we do a comprehensive competitive analysis
• Competition SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis
• Analyzing their websites in terms of structure, content and traffic trends
• Understanding their Web Promotion & Online Marketing strategies and tactics
Step 3:
Keyword Research:
Generating and short-listing the right set of keywords is one of the most important factors in successful search engine optimization. Our Nagpur based SEO team research methodologies and processes coupled with the expertise that we have built over the years, ensure that we get it ‘just right’ in this very critical area resulting in high search engine rankings for our clients.
Step 4:
• Website Optimization and Content Restructuring This is the ‘mortar & bricks’ phase of the whole process
• Rationalizing the website structure in terms of links and dynamics for better Search Engine Indexing and Placement
• Correlating individual pages with their respective keyword groups
• Ensuring that the meta tags support every page with the relevant keyword phrases/groups.
• Optimizing HTML coding and ensuring that your home page is W3C compliant and also adding headings, image alt tags & hyperlinks
• HTML code clean-up& optimization
• Editing & restructuring the content to ensure relevance to page theme and targeted keywords.
Step 5:
Search Engine Submission
Our Nagpur based SEO team will submit the website pages manually to all the leading search engines, such as Google, AOL, Yahoo, Alta Vista, MSN, All the Web & DMOZ.Org
Step 6:
Strategic Link Building
• Conducting extensive research to identify relevant affinity sites
• Contacting them on an individual basis and establishing a dialogue
• Periodically providing you with linking progress & confirmation reports
Step 7:
Regular Rank Reporting, Site Monitoring & Corrective Action
• We have now reached the stage where we have to just wait and watch… for your site rankings to roll in
• Normally your website will show up in the search engines in 3 months time
• In case you have paid for inclusions with the search engines & directories that offer this, the results can be seen within 2 weeks.
• Fortnightly reports will be sent to you via email on the t;Fortnightly reports will be sent to you via email on the search engine rankings
• For the entire duration of the contract, we will constantly monitor the site optimization and make/suggest changes according to new requirements/regulations, which may arise from major search engines.
• Our Nagpur based SEO services team will provide detailed traffic reports covering page views and visits by day of the week, time of the day, details on most visited pages, entry and exit pages, referring domains and other customized reporting & analysis
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