Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Management Systems are the crucial technology components that enable a single outlet or enterprise to better serve its customers and aid employees with food and beverage transactions and controls. This software offers Point Of Sell,Inventory and Menu Management Systems,Reservations and Table Management,Back office applications.

Point of sale (Master & Transaction)
Faster access of the Point-of-Sale system with the help of big icons on the home screen
Sales and purchase entries
KOT generation.
Invoice generation
Calculation of tax.
Customer details.
Discount (by percentage, amount, total order).
Cash out (by cash, cheque, credit cards, complimentary).
The order entry screen is provided in such a way that the user can enter the order by pressing a series of keys in the keyboard. Mouse can also be used for entering orders.
Menu Management & Inventory
This module will maintain the menu management and inventory item details.
Very simple process of making Menu Card
Add items of ingredients.
Add purchase details of items.
Generate re-order of ingredient items.
Maintaining the stock.
Running Items for faster access.
Multi Tax.
Menu Item with Icons.
Fast operating using Hot Keys.
Add order details .
Receipt Details.
Supplier database details.
Add Item Master for Raw Materials.
Sales Report (Sales Register, Customer Sales Analysis).
Waiter, Computer and Operator Wise Sales Report.
KOT Register.
Register Purchase entry and Purchase Return entry.
Register raw Sales and Return entry.
Daily and Monthly Sales Report.
Item Sale Summary (GroupWise and Alphabetic).
Raw Material Consumption.
Stock Summary.
Personalized Bill Printing
Print time on Bill.
Print rate on Bill.
Print address/phone number on Bill.
Separate Bill for each kitchen.
Show and print details of users.
Show and print details of customers details.
Show and print details of Ingredient details.
Show and print details of available stocks.
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