iPhone Applications Development
Introduced to the market in late 2007, Apple iPhone is the newest and most promising mobile platform, which “combines three devices in one: a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough Internet device”. Its unique features - high computing power, multi-touch interface and high resolution display, coupled with phenomenal sales of over six million devices worldwide in the first year clearly show that the market for iPhone applications is ripe.
IThe mix of features on an iPhone is equally attractive to consumer and enterprise markets, for business and entertainment applications alike. As an application development platform, iPhone offers the following advantages:
• Capacitive multi-touch screen
• Accelerometer
• State-of-the-art UI ergonomics
• GPS features integrated with Google maps
• Easy networking and synchronization
• Ease of distribution via iTunesAppStore
• Ease of development using Apple Xcode Tools
Our Skills
Global infobase solutions engineers are experts in all iPhone development environments, including:
• XCode
• Objective C
• Cocoa framework
• OpenGL
Global infobase solutionshas successfully developed a range of iPhone applications, including:
• Navigation software
• Games
• Entertainment Applications
• Business Applications
• Network Utilities
Our Services
Global infobase solutions provides full-cycle iPhone application development services including:
• Collaboration in concept development, with mock-ups and quick prototypes
• Complete application lifecycle,, from concept to specification and development, to application release on the AppStore
• Understanding Help with submitting new applications to the AppStore - Support and enhancement of launched applications
• Competitive pricing and fast time-to-market The process of application submission to the AppStore can be time-consuming. It’s important that an application is accepted after the very first submission, as every failed attempt may delay the release for several days or even weeks. Global infobase solutionsknows the submission process in detail and helps customers to pass it on the first try.
Common issues Global infobase solutions can help with during iPhone app submission to the AppStore:
• The app does not satisfy Apple UI guidelines
• The app is not responsive enough
• Application icon has wrong format or name
• Application uses private APIs
• Entitlements.”plist” for push notifications is incorrect, etc.
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